Albeo Theme exclusively on

I made this theme specifically for users. You can find more details about this theme on the release post on the WordPress blog located here.

Albeo Theme  WordPress Theme

Please let me know your thoughts about our latest theme in the comments below.  Thanks!

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

128 responses to “Albeo Theme exclusively on”

  1. hackworm says:

    good theme thanks :)

  2. butter says:

    the theme is rocking, one of the most popular out there, congratulations

  3. shirish says:

    came here as just like others my blog also uses your theme. Would love to try some other teams for another blog I hope to set up soon as well.

  4. Bunbun says:

    Came here to use your theme, it is rocking and most popular within.


  5. Xiao Xiong says:

    Thanks for this cool theme.

  6. HRHR says:

    I loving this theme !!

  7. Lilz020 says:

    That’s my WordPress theme!!!!=) It’s a wonderful theme.Nice work!

  8. i’ve got crazy about this theme, its SO beautiful, so clean, nice and lovely. but then i’m really sad. theres NO way i can see my links set anymore.
    i wont be able to keep using it if i cant have my links on it. Am I doing anything wrong? Thats completey frustating, ’cause i was never so happy like i’m with this theme. :( if you could help me, i would thank you till death.

  9. ‘im so sorry, now i’ve got it! i just add some widgets and its all working just fine! great work congrats

  10. Nelson says:

    I stumbled into a blog via a visitor in one of my sites and when I realized how nicely it was made, I couldn’t help but rush to the footer. I was really surprised to find out that it was from Design Disease. Truly, you’re one of those out there whom I highly look up into when it comes to designing WordPress themes!

  11. AndiQ CJDW says:

    It’s very amazing themes. greats job.

  12. amrizal says:

    slam knl to smua,,oa,,to wordpress da nga teme yang lebih indah ge……………

  13. 异人 says:


  14. ridhoyp says:

    This very cool website i ever seen.. so cool.. love it so much…!!!!!!!!!

  15. sayan mukherjee says:

    graet work, beautiful theme.

  16. WebGirlie says:

    Oh wow, I love it. I needed a new theme for my blog and this is just lovely. I truly adore the widget – would love to be able to customize it and use it more than once because it’s the exact sort of organization that I’ve been begging to see.

    Thank you!!

  17. Nice theme, you are so cool ^^

  18. Umut Kurtalanlı [ From Turkey age : 16 ] says:

    I’m gonna use this for my Math Site. :)
    Thank’s For Creation.

  19. /°^°\ says:

    Hey I really like your Albeo theme, was dissapointed though that it was only for premium use. But nice style also on this site! Sad that the bg in this textfield isn’t fix, is this possible at all? Guess not as you would have probably done that. Anyway I saw one similar free theme here on this site!

  20. /°^°\ says:

    Wow, must be my day, I just went back to my wp blog into the themes and see that all over sudden albeo is in there. Great I’ll be using it there!
    thx a lot.

  21. 支持你下~~~不错的皮肤~

  22. Dukessa says:

    I downloaded the latest svn (1425) and uploaded to my blog via http://ftp…and I get that same error of etsham:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_class() in /mnt/local/home/****/wp-content/themes/albeo/index.php on line 6

    Both with IE7 and FF2 :(

    I didn’t make any change cos I dont want to make mistakes, so maybe this is a problem of the latest svn?
    How can we solve it?

  23. ben says:

    i love this theme so much. been trying to add my Flickr page. Can i do that?

  24. beautiful theme! very nice work.

  25. suzymiller says:

    Help! I love the Albeo theme but when users click on a catagory they get a summary, and don’t realise that they have to then click the post name to see the full posting. Its really really confusing for non Geeks and I know other WP templates do this.

    I really want to keep using your lovley theme – can anyone tell me an easy way to make the full post come up immediately for users? Please!

  26. Penguingrl says:

    im using it right now! i love it! but im using the snow so i cant really see so i have to change it n its not on da things anymore!

  27. Top 10 Blog says:

    using it on our top 10 blog :) thanks for creating the great theme!

  28. Zoe says:

    Brilliant thank you love it

  29. Thanks for designing the Albeo Theme. I totally love it!

  30. Ronakorn says:

    Thanks, I use this theme with my blog You can see it.

  31. zhouweiming says:


  32. Omg….where can we download this for real….disease rocks!

  33. kazim says:

    thanks for Albeo! It’s very nice to see and to work on. A real eye candy:)

  34. Steve Harold says:

    Wow!. This is just the sort of unique design I am looking for to make my bog unqiue.

  35. Jessie says:

    Can anyone help me with adding tagline in this theme? I added my tagline under Settings-> General and saved changes, but on tagline appears.

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  38. Solo says:

    Vevy very nice them. I knew this site thought using this theme in lol

  39. Jon Castoff says:

    It rocks

  40. I really love this theme, are you planning to release it for download? Or are u abide by the agreement with ?

  41. It would be great to see some more innovative designs for wordpress. I am looking for a health theme

  42. mobilya says:

    Vevy very nice them. I knew this site thought using this theme in lol.

  43. I want to offer greek users the possibility to use albeo with polytonic greek, a version of the language which uses extra unicode characters not supported by the default font Albeo is using.
    Question: Can I offer a version of Albeo with, say, the Tahoma font, just for these users? Please, advise…
    Thanks in advance.

  44. jamesmao says:

    its nice blog..very good for blogger.


  45. jamesmao says:

    see my blog..please give comment for my blog…

    please..i hope u are

  46. Thank you so much for the great work.

  47. Yoni E says:

    ,hi. Beautiful template. Now. I have a blog on I know how to get the effect of background light blue at the entrances to choose?. Where should I go to?. I would have to change?.



  48. Yhonny E says:

    I like the effect and the entries in blue .. I have to modify in editor?.

  49. Keith Davis says:

    Blows me away…

    I’ve seen a live example on the web and it looks fantastic.

    Keith D