CelebrityHQ Theme Released

Here is the second in our series of theme releases.

This theme screams celebrity. Blues and pinks dominate this design making it perfect for either your celebrity blog or any other topic that needs a bubbly personality. This blog theme is simply 2 columns and is fully widgetized

CelebrityHQ WordPress Theme

A special feature of this theme is the logo changer. You can use the default WordPress setting (‘blog name’) or you can use your own logo. Upload your logo in the root folder of CelebrityHQ theme and name it logo.png or you can use the logo.psd as a template. You will find the source in the root folder of CelebrityHQ theme. (Image limitations: No more than 560px/60px).

This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it, and make any changes you like. Just leave the credits on footer if you respect the designer’s work.


  • Gravatar issue fixed. Download the theme again.
  • Header Problem still persist…working on it :(

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

49 responses to “CelebrityHQ Theme Released”

  1. Gis says:

    Love it deaaaar :D I need to tweet about this!

  2. zEEROCKz says:

    Hi guys, great work. I’ve just converted this template to Blogger so Blogger users can download this template from here:

    Celebrity HQ Blogger Template

  3. theg says:

    nice, i like it

    i love the colors, they are soft

  4. Admin says:

    Thank you for converting it to Blogger.

  5. zEEROCKz says:

    @ Admin,
    Why don’t you guys also add a link to the Blogger version as well for ease of the Blogger users.
    I’ve converted first theme of yours but if you can add the Blogger version link in the post then I’d love to convert all of your templates. Of course, not everyone will find the link to Blogger version in the comments so just put the link in the post.

  6. Adrian says:

    It just shows up blank when I activate it – same with Compositio – but not BloggingPro…

    Not sure what is going on…I have the latest wordpress and everything…any ideas?

  7. Wow Awesome Theme for celebrity gossip Blogs

    Great work

  8. Andreas says:

    Hallo, sorry for my bad english :-)
    Ich würde gerne in diesen Template auch Bilder in der Kategorie anzeigen lassen so wie bei Gossip City. Ist dies bei CelebrityHQ auch möglich?
    saç ekim fiyatları

  9. Andreas says:

    Hello, sorry for my bad english :-)
    I would have like to see in these pictures in the gallery template and as with Gossip City. If this is CelebrityHQ even possible?

  10. Bustor says:

    I don’t think anyone gives away such wonderful hardwork for download and use.
    You are doing a great job but if you consider,make it paid.People respect the paid services they get.

  11. Fahris says:

    Accessories kami harga murah dan bekualitas.

  12. Thorsten says:

    I get an error with your theme … Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\…\wp-content\themes\celebrityhq\header.php on line 61
    Fue saç ekimi
    Any help?

  13. bessiewen says:

    yeah, it’s pretty useful

  14. thanks for share.. wanna link exchange with me?

  15. the color combination rocks!

  16. Michael says:

    Still having an issue with gravatars on this one, crashes my whole site with a fatal error, great style but unfortunately cant use it.

  17. real estate says:

    Nice theme! I really like it..thanks for sharing

  18. qq63048058 says:


  19. nice piece. The logo changer is a very handy idea!

  20. marcis says:

    To avoid “unexpected $end” error you just need to replace a couple of simple “<? " with "<?php ".

  21. Delighted that I discovered your website, great information. I will certainly bookmark and try to visit more often.

  22. 我的二维码博客开通了,哈哈,高兴之余来逛逛博主的博客,学习点建设博客的技能。哈哈。

  23. Badru says:

    Nice, nice , nice
    i love the colors, they are soft
    Thx for theme ….

  24. Cihat says:

    Thank You It’s very good and ıt ıs colourful

  25. zauberer says:

    Delighted that I discovered your website; great information! I will certainly bookmark and try to visit more often.

  26. John Rey says:

    I already downloaded the theme. I don’t know how to use it. Could someone help me?

  27. queenstrike says:

    Hi, child links are not showing up in the Page Menu on top. Main Parent has no dropdown for child link

    Anyone who can please help me with this?

  28. Maya Takvimi says:

    woow great themes, designdisaes is number one ı think

  29. queenstrike says:

    any update about the header? it remained as black. the logo.png is not appearing

  30. David says:

    Woah…a beautiful theme….i like it

  31. janey says:

    Hi there, how to make the child pages appear as a dropdown in this theme?

    please help

  32. Dieter says:

    That´s great! I really like it!!

  33. bayan escort says:

    Very colourfull theme

  34. HVS says:

    It’s just great. A remarkable work! Thanks

  35. Serena says:

    I love this theme but when I installed it I get this

    Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\celebrityhq\header.php on line 61

    I’ve tried to reinstall this theme 3 times.
    Help would be greatly appreciated


  36. saç ekimi says:

    Look’s great ! Well done

  37. Love the colours you’ve chosen for this gorgeous theme. Well done.

  38. Scentsy says:

    Great colors and layout!

  39. chiptuning says:

    That´s great! I really like it!!

  40. What a great and beautyful theme. I love round edges and your style. Thanks for this nice theme.

  41. iddaa says:

    I love the theme guys. I have downloaded it so I can use it one of my future celebrity blogs. Thanks.

  42. film izle says:

    nice, i like it

    i love the colors, they are soft

  43. The look and the feel is just overwhelming. Great work!

  44. this is a great theme…very nice design …very clean and clear