Create a RedBox Website Template: Tutorial & PSD

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a website template called RedBox. The template is theme based on a web agency but could be used for any type of business. The way the template is designed allows it to be developed responsively. You will also be able to download the Photoshop file at the end of the tutorial.

The Redbox PSD template looks like this:

Here is the tutorial on how to make a template like the RedBox:


Step 1.

Open a new file (file > new) 1400 x 1600 pixels


Step 2.

Create 2 vertical guides (view > new guide) 1 at 200px & 1 at 1200px. This is the centre and guides of your design.


Step 3.

Using the rectangle marque tool change the style to fixed size at 1400 x 120 pixels.




Step 4.

Fill using paint bucket tool the margue box with colour #2A2E39



Step 5.

Add your logo to the left guide in the new header.

Step 6.

Add your navigation to the right of the page using the type tool.


Step 7.

Create a 200 x 200 box using the rectangle marque tool and postion under a navigation as a drop down.


Step 8.

Fill the box with colour #e74e4e then add your sub navigation with type tool.




Step 9.

Add your main banner image sized 1400 x 400 and position under the header.

Step 10.

Create a box using the marque tool, position over the banner and fill with colour #e74e4e.




Step 11.

To make the intro box transparent change the opacity of the layer to 80% on your layers palette.


Step 12.

Add your intro text into the transparent box.


Step 13.

Create 4 new vertical guides at 500px, 550px, 850px & 900px. These are splits for your 3 services content.

Step 14.

Add a title, icon and text in between each of the 3 guides.


Step 15.

Add 5 portfolio images sized 250 x 220 and line up horizontally across the page, do the same again underneath to give you 10 portfolio images.


Step 16.

Using the marque tool add a 1400 x 200 box and fill with colour #B6B6B6 then position under your portfolio images.




Step 17.

Add your clients title with type tool and position to the left.


Step 18.

Add your left & right arrow icons and colour overlay (layer > layer style >colour overlay) with #e74e4e.



Step 19.

Add your client logos to fit inbetween the arrows and colour overlay (layer > layer style >colour overlay) them with #FFFFFF.


Step 20.

Using the marque tool add a 1400 x 100 box and fill with colour #2A2E39 then position under the grey clients background box.



Step 21.

Add your footer links and copyright using type tool to the left.


Step 22.

Add your social media icons to the right and colour overlay #B6B6B6 if necessary.




I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you wish to download the RedBox template then click the link below.

Download the Redbox PSD Here

About The Author: Adam

My name is Adam and I'm a Web Designer based in Norwich, Norfolk. I work for Design Vibe Creative a creative digital agency who specialise in producing creative digital brands for local businesses.

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