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We love the design community! This 'news' section is our way to give back to the community that has been so generous to us over the years. The articles and links listed here are all hand-selected and manually approved. (submit?)

10 Photoshop brushes for lightning effects creation

These collection are really worthy and free to download. You can use them for your personal use or project that requires lighting effect.

46 OSX Yosemite Folders Icons + Free PSD Template

Here is a pack with 46 customized Yosemite folders icons and the PSD template.

96 Free Drive Icons + PSD Template

A free pack of 96 icons that can be used to customize your hard drives (PSD included).

Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

Liu Bolin is a Chinese is the human chameleon. He paints himself and blends in with the surroundings like a tree in a jungle. Mr. Bolin also paints on other people and make them disappear… at least that’s what it see…

Making a SVG HTML Burger Button

Hamburger buttons are used to symbolify hidden menus all across the world, but when I came across this pretty awesome transition of a hamburger button by CreativeDash, I challenged myself with recreating it HTML.