DesignDisease Theme Released

Finally the old blue design has become a free theme called, what other than DesignDisease Theme. Many of you requested this theme from the time we first launched it on this website.

So, when we redesigned the main site, we knew we knew we had to release it to the masses. For those who aren’t familiar with the old theme, it can be described as a dark, oceanic, with long curvy stripes. All shapes morphed to curves. You can download it here!

DesignDisease WordPress Theme

The theme is fully widgetized as all our themes are. The plugins needed are included in the theme files so there is no need to download them again. After installing WP-Page Navi deselect the option of using the default css style for this plugin.

DesignDisease Theme

Plug-ins Needed:

This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it, and make any changes you like. Just leave the credits on footer to respect the designer’s work.

Enjoy !

@Update 02.07.2010

DesignDisease Theme Blogger Version:

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

72 responses to “DesignDisease Theme Released”

  1. Hosli says:

    Wow, awesome!? I do like this theme.

  2. I like theme and download it. Tank friend.

  3. Ladida Cafe says:

    woww, it’s nice!
    is there any theme else for blogger?

  4. Amazing Template I realy like it.

  5. fast vpn says:

    ha ha funny name DesignDisease but the design was fantastic!

  6. i`m going to test this beautiful theme now

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  8. Cory says:

    Just downloaded this theme and it looks great already. I love the widgets.
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  10. Farizcraft says:

    Good design theme…bravo..

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  12. Vu says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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  13. Jan says:

    Love your themes hope you one day be just as big as elegantthemes :)

  14. wow… awesome creativity Vlad

  15. kishwood says:

    Thats good!good for you to this post.

  16. mango says:

    Im happy to find you.

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