Dilectio WordPress Theme

I made a new fresh wordpress theme for the readers of Smashing Magazine.

“Over the last year Elena, the creative mind behind Design Disease team, has designed a number of free WordPress themes, as the Smashing WordPress Theme we released as a present for our readers during our One-Year-Anniversary in September’07. Afterwards we’ve contacted Elena and asked if it’s possible to design another WordPress theme for our readers. Elena agreed.

After we’ve discussed the details of the design and the main aims we wanted to achieve, Elena started to do her magic. The result is a fresh, clean, user-friendly and playful WordPress theme ‘Dilectio’ ‘” a smashing Christmas present for Smashing Magazine readers.”

Dilectio WordPress Theme

Update 12.01.2007This theme is availble also in :

and also a version for Blogger (Thank you Francisco)

Update July 04, 2008

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

258 responses to “Dilectio WordPress Theme”

  1. Halil says:

    Thank you for this theme.

    I very look forward at an update for 2.7.

    A version without Gravatars2 plugin and threaded comments.

  2. chris says:

    I love this theme, but haven’t been able to figure out the image alignment issue. Whenever I put an image in a post the alignment is never correct. Has anyone else seen this?

  3. Hi there! We’re using your theme here:

    It’s about a major tourism project in Brazil that will take place in the beginning of next year.

    Hope you like the modifications we did and thanks a lot for this great theme!

  4. Rebecca Reid says:

    Hi, I have been using your theme since May and I love it! I’ve made a few stylistic changes to meet the needs of my blog and my preferences. However, I recently noticed that it is reacting wrong in I.E. 7: the sidebars end up on the bottom only in the single post view; the other pages and the main page shows the sidebar normally.

    I normally use firefox 3.0.5 and don’t see any problems. I’ve been scanning the code and trying to find the problem without success. Any suggestions?

    See a sample problem post (only in I.E. 7) here.

  5. Rebecca Reid says:

    Elena, 3 hours of searching and I’ve finally figured out it was a plugin that was causing the theme to be off. Hopefully I can now find a correction for that! Thanks again for the theme.

  6. Hello…
    I´m using Dilectio Theme – Spanish for my web, but it have a little problem. When display about-blog.php, it not in the correct caracter set.

    Can you help me…? Thank,
    Alex’s Rodríguez

  7. Shelley says:

    I have been trying to use this theme with wordpress 2.7 and about every 12 hours it kicks back to the plain blue wordpress default theme. Just a heads up that that 2.7 isn’t liking this pretty theme – which sucks ’cause I really liked it. hopefully an update to it soon!

  8. CMDG says:

    Fantastic theme! I like the composition of the colours. :)

  9. mbak maya says:

    I also used it on my blog site. Tks a lot DD. Salam.

  10. Amanda says:

    Hi, thanks for the theme, it’s beautiful! Were you able to answer Zyama’s question @ 118 re: the tags? I seem to be encountering the same problem wherein only the 10 recent posts under the tag is displayed (example, this is supposed to have 37 posts). Sorry to be a bother, I’d really appreciate your input re: this. Thank you! =)

  11. Sarah says:

    Excellent theme. I am using this theme but I improvise it a bit.. have a look if you want.. I am not done yet with the changes but it works fine now.. However, the only question I have for you is, how do you change the font to the font of your blog as of now?

  12. Basti says:

    What a great theme, keep up the good work!

    I use it on I♥IP with some slight modifications, hope you don’t mind?


  13. rex says:

    The theme has some code implemented that pops up Viagra ads… Worse ad type I could imagine ;)

    How much should I pay to get rid of it??

    Tried to contact DD but no answer yet :(

    Please, answer – it is great shame for me in front of my readers… I need to kick this Viagra sh….

  14. Ãœlser says:

    oow great design :) very,very thanks..

  15. Точно, я с таким тоже сталкивался :)

  16. idealul says:

    Hy, i have a problem with this template, how i can do the search engine optimized title tags, because i tried with this code : | and it seems that is not working

  17. Josh says:

    I’m having some challenges with this beautiful theme. No matter what I try, the images don’t align (at all) in the posts. Is there a way to fix this?

  18. Mike says:

    Just want to say thank you for this wonderful template!
    I´ve been using it´s blogger version for the last year here as a video blog and it worked really good to me. Thanks!

  19. shandyisme says:

    Hy, i very like this design, th color combination is very nice. I know this theme because my friend used it. I very like “About this blog” section, with orange-red color, very nice.

  20. Trine Mork says:

    What a beautiful theme- I just downloaded it and installed it on WP 2.8, but am at a loss as to how to edit the “about” orange section and the sponsors section. I assumed it was in sidebar one, but nothing shows. When I add widgets to sidebar two, the default widgets are erased. Could this be a WP2.8 problem or am I missing something? (sorry, I’m not much of a techie…)

  21. Trine Mork says:

    So sorry- I found the PHP code in the editing section. That’s one problem resolved… but not the others. cheers!

  22. cicurug says:

    the best blog design i have seen…salut
    Alnect Computer

  23. I do love this template ! I want to put it on my blog. Salam from Indonesia.

  24. Jason says:

    I would like to use this theme but want to change some colors. Can you provide the PSD files?

  25. akel says:

    hello. thanks for this theme i love it

  26. dramathons says:

    hi. Thanks. I’d like to know how to widen the column to have more space for the blog posts. Thanks!

  27. Michel H says:

    For those that want to use WordPress.com Stats and are not getting any stats to show up, I’m no expert but it seems that you should add this code to the footer (footer.php):

    This is used for addons that need code inserted into the footer of the theme. Such as statistics software! I’ve yet to see the results, but I’m confident this was the problem.

  28. Michel H says:

    Ok so pasting that code does not work. Check the FAQ of the WordPress.com Stats plugin, apparently more people have the same problem.

  29. sahara says:

    That’s great’¦’¦.and simply superb

  30. david says:

    very nice theme ,i apply it in my upcoming blog “add link url ” so thanks ,david

  31. jony says:

    i came to know from my friend about your theme , its really wonder ful,thnks

  32. moonwalks says:

    I like this theme. thank post.
    A lot of people use it.

  33. ubik says:

    Beautiful Theme, however there is a bug with Buddypress under WPMU.

    if the theme is activated, the buddypress bar at the top of the page disappears. I don’t know if this is because of a script, html or or the css.
    It works fine with the other themes from designdisease.

    If anybody could shed some light into this I’d greatly appreciate it.

  34. quantumkids says:

    i use it on http://quantumkids.net i wish you update this lovely themes.. i love it.. salute

  35. fasean says:

    Hi there, first off, I would like to thank you guys for your great work. You are shedding lighting on usability;)
    However, I installed the dilectio for my self hosted wp blog but then realized that when i activated the theme, the wordpress stats plugin doesn’t work anymore. I dont know if the theme is compatible with that plugin. I am using wp v 2.9.2

  36. Very beautiful and colorful design! THANKS!

  37. Andrea Moro says:

    Hi There,

    I was using your theme when my blog was hosted on ASP.net and DotNetBlogEngine. Now I switched to WP, but I’m experiencing trouble with the pagination during the search.
    Basically the querystring is not passed as argument to the function that generates the links. How can I solve this?

    I tried to look around without success in the function get_pagenum_link and wp_pagenavi(). Can you help me?

    Many thanls

  38. Jeff says:

    Would have been nice if the author would have paid as much attention to proper SEO and formatting as the look of this theme. There’s many formatting problems.. and my sidebar 2 just loves to randomly disappear and appear on refreshes in IE.

    Needs some serious work!

  39. Mike says:

    What a good adaption Liz! Very good! I´m adapting the theme too, but the credits is always on the footer =)

  40. Alena says:

    Beautiful themes, this one, and the rest on the site. How optimized for search engines are these themes?

  41. Haotik says:

    Iooi, vad ca sti romaneste ca i-ai raspuns lui @Militaru

    Nu reusesc sa fac sa mearga pagina doi de seach, ai idee cum se poate repara asta. Din comentarii am vazut ca mai tipa cineva dar nu am gasi si solutia.

    Daca ai solutia trimite-mi-o si mie pe office AT nanotel.ro

  42. Texture Plus says:

    i love the background image of this theme…very nice indeed :-)

  43. the dilectio wordpress theme is great.

  44. Vadim says:

    Interesting and beautiful design. I subscribed to your posts. I will follow the new materials. Thanks to the author.

  45. Branko says:


    Great themes, tnx! I’m using Dilectio theme for a blog for parents with small kids, so I wanted to ask can I remove the google ads?


  46. Resim Paylas says:

    I like to post this comment .It helps a lot.The one thing I do know for sure, if that day comes, is that when it’s wedding cake cutting time, I will NOT make the same mistake I witness at every wedding. I will not be serving Champagne with dessert, but rather the slightly sweet and fizzy dessert wine,..

    Thanks and Regards

  47. Martin says:

    I am thrilled by the Dilectio WordPress Theme!

  48. David says:

    Thanks for this Template. This is one of the greatest themes I’ve ever used!!