Evidens, wordpress theme release

Evidens is a new 3 column, full width theme from Design Disease. Featuring both White and Dark variations, this modern/industrial theme is both elegant and edgy at the same time. The three column layout is perfect for adsense and text link integration.  The design features ample space for your blog content, making sure you have room for the latest widescreen web video, as well as bright, beautiful images. Advanced options like Flickr Photostream and Twitter integration allow you to keep up with the latest social networking trends, and update your site’s content anywhere, anytime.

The modern/industrial look of the theme gives it almost infinite versatility, making it a perfect fit for blog topics ranging from technology, men’s interests, and even fashion design. Also be sure to check out PremiumThemes.com, a new project from Design Disease.

A special feature of this theme is the logo changer. You can use the default WordPress setting (‘blog name’) or you can use your own logo. Upload your logo in the root folder of Evidens theme and name it logo.png. You can also use the PSD Logo Template in the source folder of Evidens Theme. (Image limitations: No more than 500px/70px).

If you want to activate this option go to:

Administration Panel > Appearance > Logo Options, and select logo type.

Evidens WordPress Theme

Evidens White

Evidens WordPress Theme

Evidens Dark

In the package download you will find a psd logo template and the required plugins.

This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it, and make any changes you like. Just leave the credits on footer if you respect the designer’s work.

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

170 responses to “Evidens, wordpress theme release”

  1. Loudat says:

    FYI : If you want to have comments on your main page with the evidens theme copy this code:

    and paste it into index.php just before this bit of code which you should right at the bottom of the page

  2. I think i’m going to start using it on my own site soon.

  3. hosting says:

    Thanks a lot! I am just learning Information of Subject.
    Php and this was very easy to follow and helped a lot.
    You really took time to explain every little bit.
    Thanks again…

  4. alim says:

    how to Install this script into my Blogspot ?
    please help me

  5. michelle says:

    Hi there,
    It was suggested by the creator of the BNS Featured Category plugin http://buynowshop.com/plugins/bns-featured-category/
    which broke when I installed WordPress 3.0 on my site that uses Evidens White, that there were some code errors in the theme that were causing the incompatibility. Though he fixed the plugin and updated it, he suggested that you check your code and correct errors on this.
    many thanks

  6. This is another cool wp design. Quite simple and elegant.

    So nice theme,good job man!

  7. michelle says:

    Please help, I’ve looked everywhere and this seems pretty simple.
    I would like to put a content photo thumbnail gallery just below the header at the top of my site like these have:
    With images and text linked to specific featured posts. (similar to the featured posts sidebar i’ve got.)
    I’ve gotten the WP 3.0 images and thumbnails to work throughout the site. What do I add to the header code to get this to work.
    My site is http://cityrat.com and uses evidens white.
    many thanks.

  8. le113 says:

    Great theme, i’m using it on my blog!
    Only a little question. Is it possible to show post authors name, in any way?

    many thanks

  9. Karl says:

    Can this theme be ported for use on Posterous?

  10. Web Blurbs says:

    Thanks for this. I’ll incorporate this great WP theme in my blog and see how it works.. :)

  11. i would love to know whether i can move the near right column to the left side of the page. I’m using this for my blog and it would be really, really great if I could do this. Help!

  12. evidence says:


    I ve tested ‘evidens’ theme but impossible to see ‘leave a reply’ in pages !!! I’m not lucky !

  13. you told me about the issue very beautiful. Thank you for your efforts

  14. Jogos says:

    This theme doesn’t look bad, I prefer the white version (Evidens white). Thank you

  15. David Buck says:

    Hi There. I have set up the home page as a static page. I now have two ‘home’ pages. How do I hide the original one. They both link to the same page?

  16. Fitz says:

    Is there a Blogger version? I would be willing to purchase it.

  17. Ricky says:

    Anyone know what causes and more importantly how to fix the RSS feed error I have on my site drumtrip.co.uk, i cant set up my Technorati with out it

  18. Hi There. I have set up the home page as a static page. I now have two ‘˜home’ pages. How do I hide the original one. They both link to the same page?

  19. Iqbal says:

    Hi there, I really like your Evidens theme. I would like to ask you about how to change time zone in the theme, the date feature in the upper-right template. It seems the the time zone didn’t automatically follow the time zone setting in my wordpress account. Thank you so much.