LapOfLuxury Theme Released

Here is the third in our series of theme releases.

We made this theme custom for our Bloggy Network blog Lap of Luxury. We wanted a theme conveyed rich and glitzy. Gold in the logo, and white and black are used as the main colors in this 2 column theme. It contains a sidebar on the right that allows for a large square ad up top, and splitting into 2 columns below that. Comes fully widgetized

LapOfLuxury WordPress Theme

A special feature of this theme is the logo changer. You can use the default WordPress setting (‘blog name’) or you can use your own logo. Upload your logo in the root folder of LapOfLuxury theme and name it logo.png or you can use the logo.psd as a template. You will find the source in the root folder of LapOfLuxury theme. (Image limitations: No more than 910px/120px).

This work is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. This means you may use it, and make any changes you like. Just leave the credits on footer if you respect the designer’s work.

Enjoy !

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

65 responses to “LapOfLuxury Theme Released”

  1. Verry nice template! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ralph Koch says:

    Very good job, nice work!
    Great free theme.
    by rakonen

  3. Sable says:

    This is a fabulous theme that you don’t see on every blog….in fact I’ve never drifted across it which makes it perfect for me. Nicely done….thanks for making it free:)

  4. BJ says:

    Cannot find the logo.psd, it is not in the root folder, it is not anywhere in the install package. Where can I find it?


  5. Craig says:

    How do you get the cool text font to show up? (Home, About, Contact, etc.) I’m using the theme, but the cool text font isn’t being used, just the bland Arial font. Would like to know how to enable this!

  6. Im about to embark on the word press journey love the theme!!

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  8. Graig says:

    That’s just great!
    I think I will install it to my new sites: and

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