Splendio WordPress Theme

Today, we are happy to present a new freebie: a beautiful theme, designed by DesignDisease which was developed for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

As usual, the theme is free to use in both private and commercial projects. The theme is based upon the Twenty Ten WordPress theme and requires WordPress 3.0 or higher to run.

Release in Free WordPress 3.1 Theme: Splendio (With PSD Sources)

Visit the demo or a large view.

The upper area contains a slider where you can place extra emphasis on your most important pages. The main area can include the content of your latest blog posts. On the right side you’ll find an overview of latest blog entries as well as the latest tweets.

The upper area of the sidebar features five latest comments. You can place any widget under it as it is defined as a dynamic sidebar. Also, right above the footer you’ll find a Flickr gallery in case you wish to showcase your latest shots. The footer itself is designed in a pronounced blue, giving it a nice contrast to the rest of the design. There you you can place your widgets such as Pages, Categories, Archives, and others. A soft upper area, a useful middle area, and a strong footer are the essence of this theme.

Download the Theme for Free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Behind the Design

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Releasing a theme on Smashing Magazine is always a challenge for us at DesignDisease. A challenge we look forward to. Splendio is a theme where we try to solve the empty space that exists around most themes with a joyful rhythm of lines and squares, complimented with a light color palette. The specialized header images complete the package, as it can be used both in a static or randomized manner.”

Thank you, DesignDisease! We sincerely appreciate your work and your good intentions.

About The Author: Vlad Scanteie

Vlad is the founder and creator of DesignDisease. He's a skilled designer and developer with a love for all things WordPress. Check out his resume here.

147 responses to “Splendio WordPress Theme”

  1. muneeb whd says:

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  2. Lazy Cat says:

    I have a question regarding the images and small icons displayed throughout the template. Do you do those images, figures, icons with a software such as photoshop or do you just get them from the internet? from like a free public image database online?

  3. Justchillz says:

    Hi, Splendio theme is broken when you upload it through wordpress. I tried thru ftp it works. But let me know where can i upload splendio plugins & psd through ftp.

    Nice theme but flickr & featured things are not running.


  4. Dennis says:

    Hi! I’d like to know where I can translate the “continue reading” string?

  5. stosur says:

    I would like to know if you do those images, figures, icons with a software such as photoshop or do you just get them from the internet? from like a free public image database online?
    Brand Reputation Management

  6. Dennis says:

    Guys??? Does anyone know how I can activate the FEATURED POSTS and FLICKR GALLERY?

  7. nik says:

    Good theme, does anyone knows how to make the share button work?
    I mean on the header near facebook and twitter buttons…

  8. SHIV says:

    Hi nik,
    Go to header.php and search for “Facebook” or “twitter” and change the URLs for them…

  9. ECowan says:

    Great template…
    Just a question about the site. Am playing with the code but how do I get the facebook, twitter and rss links to work? Can’t seem to see where to edit the code to get them to follow to link of choice.

  10. Uttool says:

    Really like it . Very cool ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  11. Curbert Mary says:

    So great theme. And where to download it? thanks.

  12. RachellGrace says:

    Great. And how to download it? thanks

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  14. Muito obrigado por este tema que é o melhor que já usei !!!!! Obrigado novamente!

  15. Mr John says:

    I like this theme so much !!

  16. PruProteksi says:

    Keren habis templatenya
    Please visit my blog http://speedrevenue.blogspot.com

  17. freepsd says:

    Very nice WordPress theme. I love this design.

  18. Great looking theme. I like the slider!

  19. webfairy says:

    Hello, is it possible to upgrade to a more recent version of WP and WP Featured Content Slider? Slider styles no longer looking good ever since I upgraded. Do I have to go back to a previous version of WP and plugin for it to work? Please advise.

  20. Micha says:

    Verry nice! Verry usefull for me!

  21. Great beautiful free theme. Thanks for share!

  22. Cyberlacs says:

    Template beautiful, modern design is to be congratulated.

    MP3 plugin installed JPlayer http://sjward.org/jplayer-for-wordpress

    The plugin does not work with this template, I realized this when I disabled and enable the theme splendio Twenty Eleven 1.3, which works perfectly.

    I ask:

    How to operate the player in Splendio ??????

    thank you

    I look forward in

  23. Faisal says:

    It’s really great theme! Two thumbs up for you guys who designed it. But I have a question, why this themes can not list of all post?

    I’m sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you very much.

  24. lee says:

    Very nice theme thanks for sharing

  25. Lori Miskoff says:

    I really like this theme. Very unique. I activated it today for my blog, but after only a few hours, the HEADER shifted to the left under my main menu. I have no idea why that happened.

    I did add widget for an image at the top of my sidebar widget area. I thought the image might be pushing on some boundary, so I moved the image under the recent posts widget, but that did not help. Then I removed all the sidebar widgets, that did not help. Then I removed the background color. Short of removing all my posts, I don’t know what else to do. Your assistance would be appreciated.

    I took a screen shot of the problem, but if you go to my site, you should easily see that the header is in the wrong place. If you need the screen shot, please let me know.

  26. Ritesh says:

    Could you please add support for the More tag on static pages? Its so frustrating to see the entire Home page screwed up due to this one thing. I’m talking about WordPress.com as you can see from my Website link up there.

    Thanks a lot!

  27. Vu says:

    Themes very good.
    You can share with everybody.

    Homepage: xem tu vi

  28. mamboreina says:

    The FlickrRSS plugin can only be used in Worpress.org right? Because in WordPress.com you don’t have access to the plugins folder. Sorry I’m a newbie in WordPress. Good job by the way, I’m your fan!

  29. sigmaism says:

    Hello! I really love this theme, but I’m going crazy trying to get the slider to work properly.

    The site’s being loaded on a friend’s server right now: http://zion.leet.la:88/sigma

    If you go to it, you can see that the “featured posts” section is messed up. The icons at the bottom are also somewhat strange, and the fade is all wrong.

    It says in the documentation that there are two page templates, Showcase and One Column, but I only have “Default” and “One Column” available to me. Is that supposed to happen?

    I’d love to use all the functions of this theme, any assistance would be fantastic. It’s so well-done!

  30. Paul says:

    I love your theme, and truly appreciate your work. One question though, if anyone can help. I use the recent posts on my homepage, but I want to EXCLUDE the most recent post in the list because it’s already the featured post. Do I edit the loop? And where would I find the loop in this theme? Thanks.

  31. Greg says:

    Love the theme but really want to remove the recent comments on the pages as well as the lower email and twittter links.

  32. mucor23 says:

    Each time I try to install the theme I get the error: Unable to install, lack of motif style.css. Please help me I don’t know how to fix it

    • Albe11 says:

      Did you have any reply about your question? I have the same problem…

    • designdisease says:

      Hey guys, if you are getting this error it is because the theme is packaged with plugins as well as the theme files. You need to unzip the download and then upload just the theme files to your theme directory, and upload the plugin files to the plugins directory.

  33. Greg says:

    Mucor23 if you are familar with using a ftp client use that to install instead. Simply unzip theme and you will be presented with three folders Splendio, Splendio-Plugins, and Splendio-PSD. Upload Splendio to the WP-Content, Themes, folder of your website. Alternatively unzip Splendio.zip extract Splendio from that folder and then make a zip from this sub-folder and use WP to install.

    • guest says:

      I had the same problem as mucor23.  Tried your advice above and get this error message: Unpacking the package…
      Installing the theme…
      The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
      Theme install failed.

      The style.css file is most definitely there.  What’s hanging this up?

  34. Dan says:

    I love the theme, however, there’s something wrong with the drop down menu. It appears only some of the time when a mouse is hovered over it.

  35. Tien says:

    Themes is very cute
    Xem Boi

  36. Jauhari says:

    Awesome Theme… this is really unique WP Theme I ever seen

  37. Google says:

    this is to good and too different .

  38. Patrick Alix says:

    Hey there! Just installed this on my wordpress.com blog; awesome stuff. The social vibe widget doesn’t work though. 

  39. Xinnuofei says:

    anyways ,thank you very much!

  40. In the theme file style.css there is a reference to the theme image file images/main-bkg.png which is missing.

  41. I like your themes . Thank you.

  42. In header.php the script jquery.color.js is referenced, but it isn’t supplied. The script jquery.packed.js which is supplied, isn’t referenced.

    Plus, it could help page load times if the jquery script was loaded from Google rather than locally, i.e. https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.1/jquery.min.js

  43. In footer.php it should be WordPress, not WordPress. It would be nice if this was also a link to the WordPress web site.

  44. Has anyone figured out out to add the next and previous meta tags and links onto pages and posts?

  45. I’ve added styling for the aside HTML5 element to style.css:

    aside {
        border-left: 4px solid #ccc;
        color: #a5a4a4;
        margin: 30px 0 30px 15px;
        padding-left: 15px;

  46. To get widget titles to display better I added:

    .widget-title a, .widget-title a:link, .widget-title a:visited,
    .widget-title a:active, .widget-title a:hover { color:#fff; }

    to style.css

  47. To solve problems with some widgets in the footer, I added:

    #footer-widget-area .widget-area div.textwidget { color: #fff; background: #008ebc; }

    to style.css

    plus changed
    #footer-widget-area .widget-area { float: left; margin-right: 20px; width: 162px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #333; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17px; }
    #footer-widget-area .widget-area { float: left; margin-right: 20px; width: 162px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #333; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17px; color: #fff; }

    #footer-widget-area .widget-area h3 { color:#fff; font-size: 20px; line-height: 18px; margin-bottom: 20px;  letter-spacing: -0.05em; }
    #footer-widget-area .widget-area h3 { color:#fff; font-size: 20px; line-height: 18px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;  letter-spacing: -0.05em; }

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