What makes a web hosting server?

Ever wondered what technology is used in a web hosting server? Whether it is a shared server powering hundreds of websites, a cloud hypervisor as part of a larger cluster or a dedicated server for power hungry websites, server technology is key to the smooth running of each and every website around the world.


Server technology advances at a breathtaking rate each and every year. Server manufacturers focus on increasing raw performance while reducing power usage; in today’s world, energy costs are only ever going to rise.
As part of the launch of our new UK dedicated servers, our design team built a 3d image showing just what goes in a typical server. Each of the key core components is highlighted and we’ve explained the technology we use. DesignDisease is hosted on a WebHostingBuzz dedicated server, so this image is particularly appropriate.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking :)

Dedicated server components

The hardware components that make up a dedicated server


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  2. The only thing this article is missing is the 10,000 brainless monkeys smashing keys on keyboards… That’s what makes the internet truly function.

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