Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

Liu Bolin is a Chinese is the human chameleon. He paints himself and blends in with the surroundings like a tree in a jungle. Mr. Bolin also paints on other people and make them disappear… at least that’s what it see…

Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

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  1. Bob says:

    thank you for share i love it

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  4. maxbet says:

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  5. Sarah Bina Shabtai says:

    “like a tree in a jungle” that is what “it” the tree in the jungle see. You have to trace back to the noun in the previous sentence.

  6. essay typer says:

    This time he came to Venezuela – of course, with artistic and artistic intentions. This is his first trip to Latin America. “When I arrived in Venezuela, I realized that the car that brought me was armored, which led me to reflect on the violence that exists in this country,” says Liu Bollin. His observation of crime and violence in Caracas is based on an installation where a person seems to be merging with the target. Another source of inspiration is the metropolitan supermarkets and the incredible rates of inflation, which are given in the smallest manifestations of everyday life. So the installation took place, where a person was painted as a bill in 50 bolivars.

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