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Inspirational Gig Poster Design

How to sum up a mood, a movement and the music in a single image is the challenge graphic designers are faced with the world over. Capturing the personality of a band on a blank canvas can be terrifying, but the usual lack of brief can provide fantastic creative freedom. Designers will be left to use their own style and devices.

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20 Office Supplies Perfect for Designers

Designers are creative, visual people who make the everyday world a more interesting, inspiring place to be, so it’s odd that so many have to work in boring office environments. Luckily, multitudes of office supplies that seem to be made specifically for designers are popping up everywhere. If you are a designer, below are 25 office supplies that you will have a hard time living without.


5 Tips on Picking Great Images for Your Articles

Articles with pictures accompanying them are proven to get clicked on at a higher rate than text-only articles. Our eyes gravitate to the imagery we spot when we land on a page. This has always been true, dating back centuries. When news was delivered daily inside of newspapers, the papers always featured a prominent and attractive photo on their covers. Today, on the internet, a primarily visual medium, the raw communicative power of imagery has increased exponentially. Picking the right photo, though, can be daunting, difficult, or time-consuming.

Here are five tips on how to jazz up your articles and blog posts with beautiful and provocative photos that will grab your audience and keep them.


An Eye-popping Showcase of 3D Graffiti Artwork

Despite what Banksy fans may tell you, the days of the humble spray can and stencil could well be numbered. The most inventive of designers and graphic artists are pushing our notions of graffiti to the limits, using perspective, big ideas and technology to create real masterpieces.

An Eye-popping Showcase of 3D Graffiti Artwork

Some have even gone super hi-tech, taking graffiti off the streets and swapping paint for PCs and laptops. Sites such as Graffitti Technica are celebrating this progression of graffiti into the digital space, which involves enhancing photos of real-world vistas with 3D structures and adornments. And indeed this evolution is resulting in the kind of electronic art that deserves recognition.

3D graffiti can take many forms – but the result usually presents you with the kind of augmented reality that is at once hard to take in and hard to tear your eyes from. As you’ll see from the examples below:

An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend

Seeing things in black and white usually involves being narrow-minded. But one of the most bold of design trends delivers the very opposite.

Using black and white in web design provides the ultimate in readability and impact, ensuring all communication between the brand (or site owner) and the online audience is clear and memorable.

An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend

But doesn’t a lack of colour automatically equate to a lack of personality and a dearth of vitality? Not necessarily – as these fabulous examples demonstrate beautifully!