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How to Get More Clients as a Web Designer/Developer By Sharing What You Know

This is a guest blog by Pravin Daryani, Co-Founder and CEO of ContentForest. With the massive growth in technology and increase in the number of platforms, there is a huge increase in the number of people starting technology and internet based businesses . One thing that has been common to all businesses is the need for a creative and responsive web developer – someone who understands exactly what they need and how they need it. […]

5 Tips on Picking Great Images for Your Articles

Articles with pictures accompanying them are proven to get clicked on at a higher rate than text-only articles. Our eyes gravitate to the imagery we spot when we land on a page. This has always been true, dating back centuries. When news was delivered daily inside of newspapers, the papers always featured a prominent and attractive photo on their covers. Today, on the internet, a primarily visual medium, the raw communicative power of imagery has increased exponentially. Picking the right photo, though, can be daunting, difficult, or time-consuming.

Here are five tips on how to jazz up your articles and blog posts with beautiful and provocative photos that will grab your audience and keep them.


How To Control & Deal With Client Demands

Whenever you work with clients, you will have to deal with their demands. This is only fair, since they are paying for you to work with them, and not to just issue orders.

How To Control and Deal With Client Demands

Nonetheless, there comes a time when you need to negotiate what is and isn’t part of the project. When that time comes, you’ll need to address client demands in a couple of ways.

4 Key Ingredients For Designing Successful Infographics

Designing an infographic can be a difficult and research-intensive task. From all the research that is involved to making sure the design conveys the right message, some say it’s art, others would say it’s a science.

4 Key Ingredients For Designing Successful Infographics

Infographic design falls somewhere between web-design, print design and data visualization and research. Let’s see what makes a great infographic, shall we?

I am not marketed enough

For the last few months I discovered my weakest point and that is communication through this blog. Not being a native English speaker moved all my attention to design and design only. I thought this is enough but it isn’t so and this is my conclusion …I am not marketed enough (See other Blog Designers) …and this is all my fault. Are you agree with me on this? Should I start selling Premium Themes? I […]