46 OSX Yosemite Folders Icons + Free PSD Template

Here is a pack with 46 customized Yosemite folders icons and the PSD template.

46 OSX Yosemite Folders Icons + Free PSD Template

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    These Yosemite folders icons are not lovely or effectively outwardly recognizable. The symbols on the organizers disappear for those with poor visual perception. Apple needs to keep the Icons portraying the folder stuff much clearer.

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  9. Please keep in mind that if you decide to use this template, your glyph should be as straightforward as possible so that it can still be read when reduced to a 1616 icon.

  10. This method allows for the most flexibility in glyph design because each Smart Object (there are seven of them) needs to be updated. Anyone who adheres to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) is aware that not all sizes should utilize the same image or icon.

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    These Yosemite folder icons are neither beautiful nor easily identifiable. For those with low visual perception, the symbols on the organizers vanish. Apple should make the icons depicting folder contents much clearer.

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