Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

Liu Bolin is a Chinese is the human chameleon. He paints himself and blends in with the surroundings like a tree in a jungle. Mr. Bolin also paints on other people and make them disappear… at least that’s what it see…

Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

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  6. He often spends up to ten hours, with the assistance of assistants, painstakingly painting his own body to match a piece of the chosen spot, before photographing himself standing within the picture while he merges into the background.

  7. Liu Bolin is the definition of a true artist!

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  14. Holy cow that’s actually pretty damn cool. I wonder if he can paint others too.

  15. Like actually invisible? Or like, he is just really hard to see. Regardless, I still thinks that’s pretty cool.

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