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Albeo Theme exclusively on

I made this theme specifically for users. You can find more details about this theme on the release post on the WordPress blog located here. Please let me know your thoughts about our latest theme in the comments below.  Thanks!


An old friend of mine came to me a few weeks ago, asking for a simple design for his new site – TOP.ORG I was happy enough with the design (and he really loved the logo too) that I decided to join the Web design & graphics section. Maybe a few others can join and we can have a friendly competition (and the site has a lot of categories to choose from).

Fervens Theme

Fervens is the name for the new theme i made for my friends from Smashing Magazine. What is Fervens and what does it mean? As you might know, I give all my themes Latin names because I believe they are more practical and more brandable.  They just feel right to me. Fervens is a 3 column theme that has a base idea of “freshness”. Summer is my favorite time of year as it always amazes […]

Sky, Land and water

Sky, Land and Water, this is Design Disease’s new face. I have been working on this new face for about 3 months. Finally, after I tried many different forms and fonts, I came up with this underwater world. I have also made some domain blog changes. My original URL for the blog was on another address and now it is inside of the original domain and with a single design. After my last post, I […]

Design Disease new look

After many months we’ve worked for our generous clients we made some time for us and redesign our site. You can see a new logo, new layout design and a new approach.