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Inspirational Gig Poster Design

How to sum up a mood, a movement and the music in a single image is the challenge graphic designers are faced with the world over. Capturing the personality of a band on a blank canvas can be terrifying, but the usual lack of brief can provide fantastic creative freedom. Designers will be left to use their own style and devices.

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Branding and Start-Up Tips for Designers

Branding is one of the most important things any start-up must think about. After all, it is the way you tell customers who you are and what your company does. Building a good brand takes some thought, but once you’ve thought it out, things like ads and the design of your site can almost create themselves.

For designers who want to create a start-up, finding the right advice on the flooded internet can be overwhelming. We have come up with advice to help get your design start-up off the ground!


20 Office Supplies Perfect for Designers

Designers are creative, visual people who make the everyday world a more interesting, inspiring place to be, so it’s odd that so many have to work in boring office environments. Luckily, multitudes of office supplies that seem to be made specifically for designers are popping up everywhere. If you are a designer, below are 25 office supplies that you will have a hard time living without.


Reseller Hosting and what to look for

Reseller Hosting – the basics Have you heard of reseller hosting? A popular choice of many webmasters, web designers and small businesses, plenty of confusion still exists around what reseller hosting actually is and the benefits it has for anyone looking to host multiple websites. If you’re familiar with reseller hosting already, this article will serve as a useful reference/checklist to make sure you’re getting all of the features you need from your reseller package. […]

What makes a web hosting server?

Ever wondered what technology is used in a web hosting server? Whether it is a shared server powering hundreds of websites, a cloud hypervisor as part of a larger cluster or a dedicated server for power hungry websites, server technology is key to the smooth running of each and every website around the world.   Server technology advances at a breathtaking rate each and every year. Server manufacturers focus on increasing raw performance while reducing […]