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4 Key Ingredients For Designing Successful Infographics

Designing an infographic can be a difficult and research-intensive task. From all the research that is involved to making sure the design conveys the right message, some say it’s art, others would say it’s a science.

4 Key Ingredients For Designing Successful Infographics

Infographic design falls somewhere between web-design, print design and data visualization and research. Let’s see what makes a great infographic, shall we?

45 Inspiring Travel & Tourism Website Designs

Travel and tourism websites are typically very vibrant and quite high in color. The sites showcased in this post are no different.

45 Inspiring Travel and Tourism Website Designs

Expect to see a lot of textures, great photography, imagery and real-life elements as well as the use of skeuomorphism. Huge background images are also very common on travel websites — just to inject a good dose of realism of course.

How To Create An Amazing Fantasy Scene In Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to create a fantasy scene where flying ships arrive for refuelling and a passenger will be waiting with his luggage for his transport to arrive at the Ship Stop.

How To Create An Amazing Fantasy Scene In Photoshop

With this tutorial we will cover some advanced topics of Matte Painting, Lighting, Creating custom brushes and much more interesting stuff related photo-manipulation.

DesignDisease Redesign

We have finally changed the design after 2 years of using the ocean blue theme. We didn’t change much from the original structure but we have a new design approach. We evolved from the spectacular curves to the abstract world of straight lines and squares. We made the content a bit more visible by enlarging the portfolio images and designing on a much lighter background. We did not make this design to be “vintage” because […]

New Blog Design for

I’m very happy to announce the release of a new set of themes designed by Elena of the Design Disease team. This set was designed for Hostgator Web Hosting and she spent a great deal of time perfecting the theme to provide a nice, professional, look. The results, I think, are a stunning blog design that is both visually pleasing, and very effective for a variety of different blog types. The set includes four variations […]