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12 Online Tools & Apps for Creating Amazing Websites

The sheer volume and diversity of online apps that designers can leverage to create a website these days is extraordinary.

Although learning to code and mastering desktop design applications are still very valuable skills, they’re no longer a prerequisite for designing great websites.

Online Tools

With the advent of a rapidly growing ecosystem of online apps, designers can now literally start from scratch and create an amazing, fully custom website almost 100% in the browser.

Here are some of my favorite online apps I recommend for web designers to bring into your repertoire – many of which offer a free option by the way.

An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend

Seeing things in black and white usually involves being narrow-minded. But one of the most bold of design trends delivers the very opposite.

Using black and white in web design provides the ultimate in readability and impact, ensuring all communication between the brand (or site owner) and the online audience is clear and memorable.

An Introduction to the Monochrome Design Trend

But doesn’t a lack of colour automatically equate to a lack of personality and a dearth of vitality? Not necessarily – as these fabulous examples demonstrate beautifully!

Big, Bold & Beautiful Typography In Web-Design – 30 Examples

We all love big type and bold headings, right? It’s one of those things that can really make a site pop and get a message across — only if not abused, of course.

Austin Eastciders

In this post we collected 30 websites that make great use of big & bold typography. I hope you enjoy the inspiration.

How To Control & Deal With Client Demands

Whenever you work with clients, you will have to deal with their demands. This is only fair, since they are paying for you to work with them, and not to just issue orders.

How To Control and Deal With Client Demands

Nonetheless, there comes a time when you need to negotiate what is and isn’t part of the project. When that time comes, you’ll need to address client demands in a couple of ways.

A Showcase Of Grunge In Business Card Design

The instant you hand over your business card you’ll know how effective it really is. Does your prospective client pop it straight into their pocket? Or does something catch their eye and make them pause to look?

A Showcase Of Grunge In Business Card Design

The moment is fleeting and easy to miss. But you can be sure that by making people stop to glance at your business card, however briefly, they are committing it to memory. Job done. But how to create this magic moment?

There are several techniques you can use to add the ‘wow factor’. You could try printing onto textured paper to create a tactile and unique calling card. Or you could opt for a brightly coloured version to create a ‘magpie effect’ that catches your prospective client’s eye just before they reach for their card case.